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HOW MICROSOFT LEARNED FROM THE PAST TO REDESIGN ITS FUTURE One room at Microsoft’s headquarters represents everything that’s changed about its design philosophy. Inside, there are four rows of tables. In the first row is everything the company makes that’s already in stores. In the second is the next-generation of products, and in the third and fourth are the really conceptual things that Microsoft

Apex legends | Pro gameplay and higlights 2019 – grand tube channel

apex legends are one of the new popular game, after its realization, many gamers switched on apex legends from pubs and fortune so watch the video and tell us which one is the best?

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold indefinitely: ‘We will take measures to strengthen the display’

Samsung has confirmed reports from earlier today that it is postponing the release of its $2,000 Galaxy Fold foldable phone only days before it was originally scheduled to go on sale. “We want our customers to have the best experience possible which is why, after initial feedback, we have decided to delay the release of

Aston Martin’s first electric car is here

The first all-electric Aston Martin has finally been revealed, nearly four years after it was originally announced. Based on the existing combustion-engine Aston Martin Rapide sedan, the “Rapide E” officially debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show on Tuesday. Only 155 will be made, and Aston Martin didn’t announce a price for the car. Powered by

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Fold: more than just a concept Two months after an announcement where Samsung talked about the Galaxy Fold but didn’t allow anybody to actually touch it, we finally got our hands on it today. The $1,980 device begins shipping on April 26th, but it will likely be in very limited quantities. Here’s the TL;DR most of you are waiting

Mozilla releases Firefox beta for Windows 10 ARM laptops

Mozilla is releasing an ARM version of its Firefox browser today for Windows 10. While Microsoft and Google have been working together on Chromium browsers for Windows on ARM, Mozilla has been developing its own ARM64-native build of Firefox for Snapdragon-powered Windows laptops. We got an early look at this version of Firefox late last year, and it seemed

Facebook Messenger could be returning to the main Facebook app

Facebook might be putting Messenger’s chats back into its main social media app. The feature is currently in testing and was spotted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, and would mean that you could use a single app to access both the social media platform and elements of the messaging service. The change uses the existing

The UK is attempting a radical redesign of the internet

The Interface is a daily column about the intersection of social media and democracy. Subscribe to the newsletter here. Last month, with the passage of the Copyright Directive, I wrote here that Europe was splitting the internet into three. On Sunday, that process took another big step forward. Colin Lecher explains in The Verge: In a detailed proposal released today, the

now you can download new Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser

Microsoft is making its Chromium-powered Edge browser available to developers today. The software giant is releasing its Canary and Developer builds, offering daily or weekly updates to the changes that are coming to Edge. Both downloads are available on Microsoft’s new Edge insider site, and they are designed for developers to get an early look at

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019

The price of cryptocurrencies, like any other asset class, are driven by a multitude of factors. Most of the time, an increased adoption leads to an increase in price, i invest my Bitcoin and Ethereum with Cryptobond (, a billion-dollar trusted cryptocurrency investment platfrom that pays double your invested cryptocurrency after 7 days. This is

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