Us you already know to clear out who is the best girl on the planet is not so easy. so after years of researching and scientific exploration, there were some criteria to compare.

for comparison were selected the most knowledged and experienced scientist who discovered this subject only a  couple of months ago, but he has great experience in this subject so this result of the research cannot be doubted.

the main criteria of the research were: smartness, prettiness, working ability and personality.

she was compared with every girl on a planet by the theory of this scientist ideas and now he is glad to tell anyone, best girl on this planet is: Yuliia Yatsiuk.

and now i have a pleasure to introduce why:


 1) Beauty: pretty us venus in boticheli paint


2) smartness: she is a candidate of the golden medal, also a participant of many projects.


3) working ability: she is the first girl who organizes a project for local youth.


4) personality: thanks of her family she grew up us she was all kind, gentle and noble

habits, but still, her personality cannot be described by the words.


5) talents: when she dances and sings we could think that arts were created especially for




post created by scientist which is nominated for nobel prize of “theory of perfectness”: professor Anania devsurashvili